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Frequently asked questions

What are the pickup and drop off hours?

Our pickup and drop off hours are the same as our office hours. Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm Saturday-Sunday 9am to 3pm

What do I need to bring my pet?

- All animals are provided with dishes, fresh water, blankets and raised platform beds. If you wish, you may bring 1 blanket and 1 toy per pet for your pets comfort of home. - We require proof of Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies vaccines for dogs. - We require proof of FVRCP and Rabies vaccines for cats.

Can I take a tour?

Of course! We encourage all guests to take a tour of our facility to see where your pet will be. *Due to COVID-19 tours are offered by appointment only*

Where will my pet be staying?

We are very unique in that we have nine different buildings on site to accomadate each of our guests needs. From our small dogs in the Pampered Pet building, medium size dogs in our two wings, large dogs in our five Parker House buildings and our elderly friends in the Main. Cats will be staying in a climate controlled indoor building in a 3-story kitty condo.

If all guests are required to have current vaccines can my pet still get sick?

Your pet can be exposed to bacteria regardless of where they are, whether at home, at a dog park, taking a walk in your neighborhood or staying at our lodge. We maintain very high sanitation standards and we do everything we can to prevent transmittable bacteria. However, in any canine social situation, your pet can catch a cold just like us. The most common cold in dogs is Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis also known as "kennel cough". Symptoms of this include a dry cough, like the dog has something stuck in its throat. It is airborne meaning it can be spread through the air. In most cases, it will run its course for a few weeks. In other cases, it may require antibiotics or a cough suppressant.

Should I bring my own food?

It is a good idea to bring your own food for your pet throughout their stay. Although we do provide food, a change in a dogs diet can cause an upset stomach resulting in loose stools.

Can you adminster medications?

Yes, we can administer medications for your pet. We charge $1 per day for this.

What if my pets gets injured or ill?

Our primary goal is the health and well being of our guests. All pets are monitored closely with daily reports cards to check their well being. While it is sometimes inevitable, we do our best to monitor your pet throughout their stay and notify the owner as soon as possible if a concern should arise.

Why is my dog tired when they come home?

Chances are that your pet is worn out! If we did our job correctly, your pet had lots of fresh air outside in one of our fifty-six exercise yards. We pride ourselves in giving your pet as much outdoor and playtime as we possibly can while boarding. Because of this, your pets sleeping patterns may have changed in the time they were here with us. Your pet just needs to catch up on some zzzzzz's!

Will stress be a factor for my animal?

Here at Balcom Canyon Pet Lodge, we strive to make your dog’s visit as enjoyable as possible. But despite all of our efforts boarding can be stressful on some dogs. This is especially true for dogs that have never boarded before (or haven’t boarded very often), older dogs, dogs that are highly sensitive to change, or dogs with ailments.
Your dog may exhibit behavior that is not “normal” for them while they are boarding, for example, excessive barking, change in appetite, urinating or defecating in their kennel, etc. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness but it is possible that your dog may get dirty during their stay with us. We recommend our bathing services!

When should I make a reservation?

It is always recomended to make your reservation at least 2 weeks in advance for non holidays and 3 months for major holidays.

Do we take elderly animals?

We try to tend to all animals, but due to the health and safety of your animal, the older age we allow for boarding is 13 years old.

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