Boarding Prices


Note: New prices updated 05/01/2019

*All reservations made prior to this date will be honored at the previous prices*

All prices charged by Nightly Stays     
Dogs                                                       $35.00 each
Two Dogs   $32.00 each
   Three Dogs   $30.00 each
    (additional dogs more discount)    
Cats   $20.00 each
    Two Cats   $18.00 each
   (additional cats more discount)    
Birds/Bunnies and small animals  


Grooming / Bath Prices

Bath           (price depends on size of dog)                               $18  -  $55
Pedicure         $ 8


Day Care Prices

Dogs                                             $22.00 per day
(additional discounts given for multiple dogs)     

Pick-Up and Delivery Prices

Ventura County    $35.00


Los Angeles County                    $50.00


Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm 

Saturday - Sunday 9am to 3pm


Business Office is closed on the following Holidays: 


Independece Day - July 4th

Labor Day - Sep 2nd

Thanksgiving Day - Nov 28th and Nov 29th

Christmas Eve - Dec 24th  (8am to 2pm)

Christmas Day - Dec 25th

New Years Eve - Dec 31st (8am to 2pm)

New Years Day - Jan 1st

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